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This isn’t just another horror, this is a psychological horror

Let me ask you a question, what scares you? I don’t mean something that just makes you jump, I mean something that scares you to a point of almost fear? Does the setting of a secluded town start to send chills down your spine? How about a certain house in this town – the house which appears normal, just like all the rest, but is very, very different. Can you already feel the hairs on the back of your neck lifting and your heart rate rising? This is the level of horror that really scares – and this is exactly where we find ourselves in Visage.

So what is it about this house that’s been there for centuries and been a home to dozens of families? Some lived there peacefully but some didn’t – some died in brutally horrific ways. The condition of the house is very different; it’s not aged at all over the time – no decay, damage or erosion – it just stays the same. So what is causing the deaths? Is it coincidence, or is it something else?

Here is where Visage stands out from the crowd, set apart from the run of the mill horror title. You will be shown fragments of what has happened – you don’t just watch the fragments though, you relive them. Each one you relive will take you closer to the dark secrets and history contained within the property, but be warned as these fragments are not easy viewing. You witness the gruesome deaths of the former tenants of the house; each death has it’s own visage – dare you look into the eyes and soul of it? There is one thing you learn very quickly, though, as you begin to uncover the truth – something doesn’t want you to.

Just take a look at the screen shots below. They shows how much hard work has gone into Visage;  it looks beautiful and oh so deadly at the same time. This will get into your mind in a very clever way; with a house that looks so real it makes you think twice when in your own house. You did get warned that this might happen.

But bad things are also in this beautiful house, things you can’t get out of your mind and wish you had never seen. You will feel terrified as you wander around this house, you will hear sounds and noises that make you want to run, and you will truly experience the atmosphere and horror enclosed in this title.

  • Pick up key elements and interact with them (e.g. pick up a videotape and insert it in the VHS player)
  • Search everything (e.g., drawers)
  • Interact with the environment (e.g., turn the lights on or off)
  • Manage your “stress” (you will learn its effects yourself)
  • Interact with the dark entities (we won’t spoil anything)
  • Open doors “Amnesia-style” (you push the door yourself… SLOWLY, because you aren’t sure you want to see what’s behind it)

So who has brought us this physiological horror? Please welcome SadSquare Studio. Founded in January 2015, SadSquare Studio is an independent video game developer based in Quebec. They’re a motley team of assorted and scattered programmers, developers, video game geeks, film and music buffs, bookworms, and arty nerds. They all have this in common, though: a love for video games, thriving on all things horror, and loving what they do; from development, to writing, to music, to design.

Luckily for us they have come together to bring gamers and horror fans a unique version of what we hope will be a terrifying, mind-bending horror-game experience. Visage is their first game project – the even better news is that we can be a part of this via Kickstarter. If you click right here then you will be taken to their page.

There’s so much to read about in the way of influences, news and the backing process – I love the look of the reward shirt and fairly sure you will too. There’s no real reason not to visit the page, I can guarantee you will be glad that you did. But if you’re still wanting some more footage, check out the trailer below. You can watch it in one of two ways, go hardcore and watch it in the dark with your headphones on or watch it with all the lights on and the sound way down low – your choice.

So how are you feeling now? If you’re anything like me then there’s a definite chill to your blood and you are hearing a lot more of  previously unnoticed noises now. It’s not very often that a game such as Visage comes along which truly taps into your mind and creates fear and panic. The big question is – are you brave enough to get it? Let us know in the comments below with your thoughts and views – and be honest and say if it scared you or not as well!


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