News Roundup | 29 Feb – 6 Mar

The week began – as these things so often do – with a Call of Duty story. On this occasion it was the possibility that Call of Duty: Ghosts 2 may have been leaked. Website received a scanned image purporting to be from a futire issue of gamesTM magazine. On that page – taken from a ‘most anticipated’ article – is Call of Duty: Ghost 2, alongside the anticipated release date of November 2016.


On Tuesday, the  news was all about the reveal from Microsoft’s big San Francisco press event on 25 February. The Internet had been awash with rumours for weeks. “Xbox is about to get the Steam Store.” “Xbox is about to release a slimmed down console.” The truth was rather more mundane – though no less welcome; the reveal was a look at the best games and platform experiences launching this spring on Xbox and Windows 10. Major Nelson gave us the full run down.

Larry Hyrb Xbox Live Major Nelson

For all that the Xbox One is a video game console – and a great one – it can do so much more. The feature list is growing all the time, with new arrivals often tested within the Preview Programme. The latest list of updates include top-voted Xbox Feedback requests such as the ability to purchase Xbox 360 Backward Compatible games on Xbox One and improving social features like Party Chat broadcasting to Twitch.


There can’t be many people who haven’t heard of Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s The Division, launching this week. Last week Ubisoft released a whole host of information about plans for Year One of their much anticipated title – including glimpses of what we can expect to see from the season pass as well as from some free content updates.

The Division

We know that Microsoft has convergence plans for Xbox and (Windows 10) PCs, and right now that means previously exclusive Xbox franchises making their way to PCs. This week a number of these titles were leaked – is your favourite amongst them?


Another convergence story hot on the heels of the last – and this time it’s the hardware side. Xbox Boss Phil Spencer outlines a potential future for consoles on a more pc-like evolution timeline, with smaller – but more frequent evolutionary steps, possibly employing upgradeable hardware. Hear what Phil has to say.


Finally, the week ended – as it so often does – as it started: with a Call of Duty story. On this occasion it was the intriguing rumour that the next Call of Duty will see a return to more traditional, less futuristic play style. The game’s subtitle may also have been revealed.


And there we have it – a round up of this past week. What will be next weeks big news? Or will we all be playing too much of Tom Clancy’s The Division to care?

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