The Ins and Outs of Fallout 4’s Console Mods

It isn’t long until console gamers get something that they’ve been waiting a very long time for, mods on Fallout 4.

When it comes to video games mod support is something very rarely implemented on consoles, a lot of the time the furthest ‘modding’ will go is an in-game map creator. In the next few months that stereotype will be blown out of the water as Bethesda finally opens up the ability for console users to get down and dirty with the best mods the wasteland has to offer.

When the intention to allow console players to use mods was revealed at E3 last year by Bethesda’s director Todd Howard many were worried that Bethesda would only be allowing certain mods onto consoles, and even more so, that those mods would merely be watered down versions of the PC equivalent. Howard quashed those fears in an interview with IGN last June.

“The plan is that it goes through, but… outside of things that we would normally take down — we take down things on Steam Workshop if it’s got things that are illegal, or things like that — we’ll do the same thing.”

Naturally Bethesda don’t want their modders to be creating a load of illegal content, so this light policing is completely expected. The rules that Bethesda will be following regarding console modding are similar to that of the steam workshop, no nudity, erotica or assets from other games will be allowed.

“Either your nudity or porn, that kind of stuff, or you’re taking assets from Halo, though, Microsoft might allow that. We’d have to get approval. But like, generally, if someone is using assets from another game, we have to say ‘No, you can’t do that.”

The installation of the content itself is the only thing that Bethesda is planning to change on consoles from PC’s modding scene. On the PC players would either have to download the files from a third party and then sort the data into the relevant folders or use custom made installation tools. On console the game will take car of the mod installation automatically.

Bethesda’s Vice President of Public Relations, Pete Hines, recently shared on Twitter that Bethesda is trying to give users the ability to install mods from within the game itself.

Not only will mods soon be on the way for Fallout 4 gamers also have the newly expanded DLC season to look forward to. It looks like Fallout 4’s rendition of the post apocalypse will never be short of things to do.

Source: Inquisitr


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