Gigantic Closed Beta 5.0

Another MOBA to look forward here and a new build for Gigantic in it’s newest closed beta. If you’ve already signed up to it then check your emails as you would have got the same as the below.

Good news everyone! We at Motiga are proud to announce the arrival of the CLOSED BETA TEST 5.0 build! We’re introducing some gigantic changes to the game, as well as some smaller updates to the heroes and maps you already know:

NEW MAP: SIREN’S STRAND: We’re adding our early prototype map to the battleground rotation. You can read more about the glacial map on the official forum!

NEW HERO: PAKKO: For one week only, you’ll have the opportunity to try out one of our prototype heroes: Pakko. Think the abominable snowman meets Totoro. You can read more about the arrival of Pakko here!

NEW STORE ITEM: CROWN BOOSTS: Double the number of crowns you earn from every win! These can be found in the ‘Boosts’ section of the shop, and are purchased using the rubies you earn in-game.

NEW FORTUNE CARDS: Brand new accounts will automatically unlock a handful of tutorial-specific fortune cards to complete as they learn the game. This should help speed you along with some extra crowns and rubies as you get started in the game!

Anyone with the email will have also been sent an additional Beta Code to invite a friend into the fight so expect some quicker matchmaking with a larger participant numbers this time round.

If you haven’t checked this cartoon-stylized game (think along the lines of Team Fortress) team play is key with objectives to help progress your team into a stronger force. The main difference here is, although the main objective is to  defeat the opposing teams’ Guardian, some game modes have your Guardian advance rather than staying stationary. To make some more similarities it’s played similarly to Smite, with a third-person perspective, but there are no items to purchase like your standard MOBA drawing references to Heroes of The Storm. Instead, play is focused on quick matches and customising your character throughout skill-tree choices.

The video below shows of how the combat works in game, expect plenty of Streaming too this weekend as the NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) was lifted during the last beta access.

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Terry "gamingatheart" May

I'm on all things MMO/MOBA, family man, part-time streamer at and on the OfficialXboxOneUk channel too. For me, gaming isn't a hobby or even a passion; it's a way of life. I'm trying to make it even more than that through streams, videos and writing.

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