Action Henk Review

Action Henk is a hybrid racing platformer game by RageSquid in which you must run, jump and butt-slide (yes, you read that correctly) your way to glorious victory! In what sounds like a line from the Karate Kid, the Netherlands-based developer states you must “become a master of momentum and defy physics as you race against a band of ragged 90s action figures to once and for all prove that Action Henk is the fastest of them all!”

Lofty claims – especially when Action Henk himself appears to be an overweight, middle-aged man with ill-fitting clothes and a moustache straight out of the 1970’s. If he doesn’t quite take your fancy though, do not fear! He is one of a number of playable characters and, as you traverse through the levels, you unlock new characters and clothing options for them, too.

The game features over 70 unique levels that vary in length and difficulty and to bag the gold medal on each there are a number of shortcuts that you must learn how to tackle. This is made even more competitive – and down-right addictive – with the addition of global and friends leader boards. Such additions are a sure-fire way to make you try that level just once more – and then again, and again. On top of that, your friend’s ghosts will appear to spur you on even more when playing the single player mode.

For those who like to play with friends this game is ideal. Not only are you able to compete in local multiplayer – currently supports 4 players – but the game also features online multiplayer so you can compete with each other for real, rather than through asynchronous play against each others’ ghosts. Playing through a variety of levels earns points depending on where you finish each race, which then add up at the end to prove who is truly the master of the butt-slide!

Henk & Betsy

A huge feature that is currently (and disappointingly) missing on the Xbox One version is ‘Henk’s Toybox’ – the game’s level designer. On PC, this enables players to construct their own wacky and wonderful creations to share and extend the life of the game for them, their friends and then THE WORLD! MUHAHAHA!… Ahem. Whilst there is nothing confirmed to say that it will be coming to Xbox One it would be surprising if this did not follow in a title update at some stage.

The whole look of Action Henk is extremely appealing; the cartoon style graphics and bright colours pop out of the screen and are sharp and crisp. Environments are detailed and character animation matches the overall aesthetic too, with each character having unique movement and clothing to suit their big personalities. Music from demoscene musician Wikilund also fits the style of the game beautifully, with a pumping soundtrack that matches the quick pace and style of Action Henk.


It is hard to find fault in what is an all-round fun filled, competitive and social experience, especially when you consider the price (a mere £11.99). If you are a fan of the Trials games, or the original Sonic games, then this is a similar breed of beast and Action Henk certainly matches up to both classic franchises on the fun scale (which is 100% something that exists!)

Action Henk releases on 4 March in the Xbox Store with a 30% discount for Xbox Live Gold Members for the first 2 weeks, bringing the price down to £8.39! Grab it quick!

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Bundles of fun for an excellent price.
  • 8/10
    Overall - 8/10


If you are looking for serious amounts of fun and a game to play either alone or with some friends then look no further! Action Henk offers plenty of bang for your buck with multiple characters to unlock and over 70 levels of speedy action. Action Henk has no pretensions and sets out to be one thing – fun. And it truly is, either alone or (even better) with company. When you are looking an uncomplicated, unencumbered thrill-ride, Action Henk races to the rescue.

Disappointingly, Xbox One players miss out on the level editor from the PC version – we hope this will be available with a future update.



Jeff Simpkins is a part time Twitch streamer, Part-time news & review writer for Xbox One UK and full time legend (or so he likes to think). Jeff is also a huge supporter of Special Effect, The gamer's charity.

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