Gunscape Review

Ever wanted to relive some of the classic gaming from the early 1990’s? Look no further. Gunscape, The Create, Share & Play Indie Game from BlowFish Studios should tick all the boxes.

Gunscape is a game inside a game. It offers a great campaign mode with 8 chapters to work your way through, with each chapter having a surprise round every corner. Gunscape delivers that great retro feel from the N64, Original Xbox and, dare we say it, PlayStation era. Playing through the campaign is like a trip down memory lane – only better. You remember how great Goldeneye was? Then you set up your aging N64 only to remember how awkward the controls were? Gunscape is a trip down memory lane with only the good bits!

During the campaign you get to meet – and kill – some very peculiar looking enemies. And with a huge array of weapons to collect there are many explosive and inventive ways to vanquish them. Or you could, you know, just punch them with your fists. Some of the weapons are both powerful and brutal – the end result is far from a pretty picture when you are done! Gruesome!


The campaign is a great blast and good fun. But Gunscape is not just a single player campaign, or even just a multiplayer first person shooter.  There’s a whole lot more on offer through the Create Mode – offering both solo and online co-operative multiplayer level creation! Build maps at your own pace, or invite friends to help out! Jump in and out of action mode while editing to test your level on the fly or just to blast one another.

It is every bit as mad as it sounds. And we love it!


The creative side of Gunscape is a bit like a mash up of Mojang’s Minecraft and a first person shooter. You have full control of how the level or map will turn out – and you decide whether it’s going to be a Free for All, Team Death Match or Co-op. There are loads of texture packs and character models available to use and theme your builds. Create Mode is even more fun in co-op – get a friend in to help build your master piece.

Our first instinct was to see if it were possible to actually recreate some of the best levels from the N64 Classic Goldeneye within the creative mode of Gunscape. (We’re sure it is.) But why stop there? Doom, Quake, Timespliters…

The only limit to your creativity is your imagination. Gunscape lets you share you maps with the world, and with cross-platform share (yes, really!) there’s the chance your creation can be enjoyed by gamers far and wide. Gunscape’s burgeoning community is vocal and active and having your own creation spotted by the editorial team could earn it a place on the ‘map of the week’ – or even in the game itself. Surely fame and fortune awaits? Well fame, certainly.


Gunscape might not have the whizziest graphics on the market – low-res textures and angular polys abound – but that’s not what this game is about. There’s a huge amount to entertain and it perfectly captures the heady days of gaming in the 90’s. Similarly, sound effects and music are retro, but suit the aesthetic perfectly. This ID@Xbox title offers so much already – and we can easily see the scope for expansion packs offering new themes, textures, models and game modes.

Who knows – we could all be creating our own multiplayer levels on a vast scale. We really hope Gunscape does well as we have enjoyed reviewing and playing it. We’re looking forward to playing some your maps and levels, too! Get in touch if you pick the game up – we’d love to see what you guys can do!

Gunscape is out TODAY. Get it from the Xbox Store.

Check out our gameplay video!


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A fun retro blast and an incredible sandbox toy!
  • 7/10
    Overall - 7/10


We Like Gunscape a lot and hope its future is bright. It’s a modern game that brings the love and nostalgia of the 1990’s classics to next gen consoles, only without all the limitations of the era. (Fingers crossed someone out there can bring some of the N64 Goldeneye levels to it!) The potential here is huge – we’d love to see some themed expansion packs, for example.

Don’t be put off by the retro stylings – this game offers a huge amount of fun, and it’s great value, too!


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