New Need For Speed Update Announced

EA today announced the new update for Need for Speed. The update will include manual transmission, new cars, more garage space and drag races as a game mode. This update comes after an influx of players requested changes to the title.

A few weeks ago EA announced that manual transmission would be making its way onto the game as soon as possible after many players had requested the change.


Another change that always makes the difference in racing games is the addition of new, improved and all round cooler cars. EA has not failed in that respect with the addition of two brand new hot rods. The first will be the 1932 Hot Rod which will come with four unique body kits, Soft Top, Coupe, Sedan and Pickup. All guaranteed to make your new car look as pimping as possible. The second addition in the Hot Rod category is the Aaron Beck “BeckKustoms F132”. This Hot Rod combines the style of a Ford 1932, an F1 style chassis and the power of a NASCAR engine. Both of these new additions will have a full set of customization options including hood, lights, grille, exhausts, bumpers and more.

Need for Speed - Hot Rod 2

Drag racing is another addition EA are excited to show off. Previously in the NFS series drag races have been common place so it only seems fitting that EA want to carry on this tradition. The five new drag events will include: Neck to Neck, The Perfect Shifts, Drag the Town, Pedal to the Metal and Speed Tunnel. All guaranteed to excite you thrill seekers and speed demons out there.

Need for Speed - Hot Rod

A few other features will be added during this patch including The Warehouse, which allows players to store up to 5 more cars. Wrap Editor updates which will allow the player to customize their cars decals down to the exact detail, something which all players crave in racing games, being able to personalize their cars as much as possible to reflect their own unique designs. A few new achievements and other general patch updates will also be coming with this update.

Can’t wait to hit top speed drag racing in your pimped out, personalized new hot rod? Well EA have set this update to go live on the 3rd of March so you won’t have to wait much longer. Let us know what you think about this new update in the comment section below.


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