Monthly Archive: February 2016

Xbox One Boss On Halo PC And Improving Windows 10

Since Phil Spencer took over the role of head of Xbox things couldn’t have been better, with the Xbox One’s frosty release it has taken Phil some time to build bridges and make Xbox the place to be once  more. In addition to making the Xbox One a better place there has also been the release of Windows 10, this has changed the way we play and has taking Xbox to better places. This gear shift in a different direction has really shown the commitment the Xbox team really have. Now Phil wants all major Xbox One exclusives to come … Read More »

Thank you From Xbox One UK

A big thank you to everyone who joined us on our live stream for Gamesblast 16, and a MASSIVE THANK YOU to all who donated. Our original £400 target was smashed! At the time or writing this article, our total is sitting at a whopping £1150. WOW!! Don’t forget that you can still donate here:- Please give us a visit and donate what ever you can. All money raised is going to Special Effect. A Charity that helps disabled people to benefit from video games. SO FAR GAMESBLAST PARTICIPENTS HAVE RAISED: £125,865!! We’re putting fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with physical disabilities by helping them … Read More »

Facts About Gears Of War You Might Not Have Known

This amazing series is also packing some awesome stats If you have ever picked up an Xbox controller in your life then chances are you have heard about the iconic series known as Gears Of War, the games bring a level of grit and hardcore that makes it a truly unique concept. If you haven’t heard about this before (there might be a few out there that haven’t) then here’s a quick intro for you, the planet Sera provides the setting for a long standing war between DELTA Squad (the good guys) and the Locust Horde (the bad guys). There is … Read More »

Halo 5 Developers Pay A Moving Tribute

Such a lovely gesture in such a tragedy Every now and then, developers do something for people that is so caring and kind. In this case 343 Industries stepped up when they heard about a tragic loss, Community member Adam (also known as thecrzedspartan) and his wife Rebecca lost their daughters Trinity and Lena to an electrical fire in their home. The developers decided to pay a tribute to Adam’s family in a way that honors them forever, the release of the Spartans Never Walk Alone pack for HALO 5 is for them and what a beautiful thing to do. In the pack is an emblem called … Read More »

THE HUB Kickstarter

A new way of life with a darker side as well The planet Earth has changed a lot here, we now live in a state of utopia. There’s no more war, no more violence and no more hostility. Under the act of United Nations Committee, the population is strictly capped and crime now has a zero tolerance approach. If someone does break the crime rule, then punishment is now harder than ever. They are swiftly removed, sent for rehabilitation, brain recoding and exiled to the moon colony to work. The moon is now occupied by sectors made up of Eco, Biological/Tech, Gene/Mutation and … Read More »

Deliver Us The Moon Kickstarter

The fate of Earth is in your hands How many of us here have fancied travelling to the moon, pulling the astronaut suit on and being in a rocket? How about we add a twist to this journey, how about the future of humanity rests on your shoulders – are you up to this task, well that’s exactly where we find ourselves in this upcoming 5 part series ‘Deliver Us The Moon’. Set in a not to distant future of a worn out Earth where all supplies are basically used up, the nations have teamed up and the Worldwide Space Agency … Read More »

Zenith Is Heading For The Xbox One

Beautiful RPG with a side of humor thrown in We all know what an RPG is, I’m not talking about the weapon but about the game genre. There’s a wide variety out there for you to choose from, so what makes Zenith stand out from the crowd – by adding a side order of parody and a double helping of humor. With an awesome story, a unique fantasy world and a whole host of unforgettable characters – this sounds like a combo for success. You take the role of Argus, a man who has seen and done everything from adventuring and exploring ruins … Read More »

The Five videogame industry books you should read

Sometimes it’s nice to put down the controller, make a steaming mug of cocoa and pick up a good book. If you are loath to leave the world of video games altogether, here are five incredible books about the gaming industry you should definitely read. ~~~ Console Wars: Sega, Nintendo, and the Battle That Defined a Generation | Blake J. Harris If you played games in the early nineties, the chances are you were loyal to either Sega or Nintendo. This book – soon to be a major motion picture co-directed by none other than Seth Rogen – is the … Read More »

Dark Souls publisher bringing new IP to consoles this Summer

Necropolis from Seattle-based Developer Harebrained Schemes is a third person dungeon crawler due to hit Xbox One, PS4 and PC this Summer. Billed as “an addictive blend of third-person action and procedural dungeon-delving. Oh, and perma-death” the game allows you to explore procedurally-generated dungeons alone or with up to three friends. The game looks absolutely stunning. Still images just don’t do it justice, so take a look at the “Death with friends” trailer. The game’s just been picked up by Bandai Namco – publishers of Dark Souls. Colour us officially excited – we cannot wait to get our hands on this … Read More »

Latest Competition

Xbox One UK Elgato HD60s Competition

Thanks to our sponsor Elgato Gaming, we have a fantastic HD60s Capture Card which will be won by one lucky Xbox One UK visitor.

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