Zenith Is Heading For The Xbox One

Beautiful RPG with a side of humor thrown in

We all know what an RPG is, I’m not talking about the weapon but about the game genre. There’s a wide variety out there for you to choose from, so what makes Zenith stand out from the crowd – by adding a side order of parody and a double helping of humor. With an awesome story, a unique fantasy world and a whole host of unforgettable characters – this sounds like a combo for success.

You take the role of Argus, a man who has seen and done everything from adventuring and exploring ruins all the way to unleashing the apocalypse in error and saving the world from impending doom. The thing with Argus is he is in his thirties now and, quite deservedly, wants a break from the action and take some ‘me time’ for a while. Trouble with having such an impressive past as a wizard, it’s difficult to get away from it all. The buffoons and goofballs are still wielding their massive swords looking for you, plus the fact you are hiding a dangerous artifact just adds to the situation.

Argus may be in his thirties but he can still open up a can of whoop ass, plus you can still move as nimble and as deadly as ever – it’s time to show these bad guys you still got it. One little tip, don’t give them a cuddle, that might work in certain situations but it sure won’t help you out here. Forget about those weak daggers and bats, you’re a wizard and this is where the magic happens. Choose your preferred element, master the spells and decimate all that approach – or master all the elements for total control, a bit of grinding is needed here but that doesn’t hurt.

  • Lots of characters that manage to be unique without being egotistical special snowflakes, and a few egotistical special snowflakes as well. Why the hell not throw them in there too for a bit of fun.
  • Tons of dialogue lines. They put some serious effort in them. Yeah, you’re probablyto skip them anyway, but at least you’ll feel guilty about it.
  • Heavy in humor, but not to the point of “anything can happen because the funnies”. The jokes work for the story, and not the other way around.
  • Parodies and references. Because poking cruel jokes at successful franchises is a good way to drown in bitter envy. Or it could strengthen some bonds, it will play one of two ways.
  • Some exclusive music pieces by the talented Murray Atkinson. No jokes here. The guy is a legend.
  • No multiplayer, this is becoming more normal now-a-days.
  • Stacks of equipment so gear up from head to toe! How fortunate everything you find is your size and looks fabulous

So who can we thank for bringing this awesome title to us, it is a duo of big names that we owe thanks to. First up for congratulations is Infinigon, a team of professionals with more than 30 years of experience in video games and a common goal: to create video games that get the traditional spirit back and give the user the opportunity to enjoy an old style RPG coated with a quite particular sense of humor. Secondly is BadLand Indie, the Indie Publishing Branch of BadLand Games that firmly believes in the need to support emerging talent. They’re passionate gamers striving to find diamonds in the rough, from what I have seen they are succeeding in this.

So will you be adding Zenith to your game collection, after watching the trailer this is one game I will certainly be getting – let us know in the comments with your views.


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Chris 'whyayemincepie' Nash

Gamer dad to three kids, we all act the same age and wouldn't have it any other way. Also managed to get myself the most amazing wife that loves gaming too, plus she puts up with me and my funny charms.

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