Facts About Gears Of War You Might Not Have Known

This amazing series is also packing some awesome stats

If you have ever picked up an Xbox controller in your life then chances are you have heard about the iconic series known as Gears Of War, the games bring a level of grit and hardcore that makes it a truly unique concept. If you haven’t heard about this before (there might be a few out there that haven’t) then here’s a quick intro for you, the planet Sera provides the setting for a long standing war between DELTA Squad (the good guys) and the Locust Horde (the bad guys). There is so much more to these games than that one line, gamers love the content and this is what makes Gears Of War so successful.

Fastest selling third person shooter


That’s right, it was Gears Of War 3 that achieved this. When it was released on the 20th of September 2011 it sold 3 million copies in the first week, this is actually more than the first and second games combined in first week sales. It also clocked up over 1 million pre-orders, this made it the most pre-ordered game for the Xbox 360.

You decided the fate of Clay Carmine


Yes you did, you might not have known but the decision was down to the fans. Epic Games made two t-shirts for the Xbox Avatar, one was black with ‘SAVE CARMINE’ on it and the other was red with ‘CARMINE MUST DIE’. The good news for Clay is that the ‘SAVE CARMINE’ t-shirts outsold the other and they were saved in Gears Of War 3.

780 Rounds


This one might not be so obvious but it is a real fact, what do you think 780 rounds could be? Well the answer is the amount of rounds in the Hammerburst assault rifle used by the Locust Hoarde. Due to this extremely high number, this gun has the highest ammo capacity in the series.

What happened in Japan


So what did happen in Japan for Gears Of War, well it became the first game to completely sell out in history. Given that there is a massive lack for shooters in Japan, this is a real feat by any standards. The stats are as follows, it sold 33,212 copies in week one and it reached number 7 in the top 10 games chart.

The first playable female in the game is…

gow 5

The one and only Private Samantha Byrne, but this change of gender playable characters didn’t happen until Gears Of War 3. She managed to break through the male dominated series, she certainly did mark her mark as well. A bonus fact for you now, Samantha Byrne was voiced by Claudia Black who also voiced in TV shows such as Farscape and Stargate.

One of the nicest looking limited edition consoles


There’s no doubt about it, this console is the dog’s danglies in looks. The version above came with Gears Of War 3 and a hard drive that was a massive 320 GB hard drive. I don’t know about you but I wanted one of these so badly but never got one, did you manage to bag one of these limited edition collectables?

There you are my fellow gamers and GOW fans, half a dozen facts about the amazing Gears Of War series that you might or might not have known. If you know of any facts or stats that I have missed out, let us know in the comments section.

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