Will DOOM Actually Run At MAX On Xbox One?

According to Bethesda. “It will”

DOOM originally came out way back in 1993. At the time or release it was a ground-breaking game for numerous reason, but mainly due to how it looked. It was one of only a handful of games that utilised ‘all’ of its massive 16 bit processing power.

Move on 23 years and DOOM is still up to its old tricks!

According to Bethesda, in a 3 part article titled “22 reasons to love DOOM” Lead Project Programmer Billy Khan has stated:

“We want players to wonder how DOOM and idTech 6 games can be so visually stunning at 60 frames-per-second at 1080p on all platforms, when other titles cannot even achieve a similar look at 30 frames-per-second, Our goal is to be the best-looking game at 1080p at 60fps.”

So just how to they expect to do what a lot of previous games have failed to deliver? well with the use of idTech.

idTech 6 engine is an in-house game engine that powers DOOM – and many other games from a range of other studios for that matter. With this Bethesda intends to max out DOOM in every way possible, attempting to make it the best possible experience for every gamer. Does this mean they will actually hit that magical 108p @ 60fps? Hopefully it does. As with all DOOM games past and present, one of the main features has always been just how good and atmospheric the game looks. Fall down here and gamers wont be impressed.

If you would like to have a read of Bethesda’s triple article on why to love DOOM, you can visit them here:

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22 reasons to love Doom part 3

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