Rumored Wave of Backward Compatible Games

According to recent rumors, a large amount of 360 games should be hitting the Xbox One soon. Some of the games rumored to expect include:


Bioshock Infinite


Both Crackdowns

Final Fantasy XIII

Mass Effect 2 and 3

Resident Evil 5

Saints Row IV

Skate 3

Soul Calibur V

Street Fighter X Tekken

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and many more.

There are a total of 44 games rumored to release soon, which would bring the amount of backwards compatible games to about 180 games. Although there isn’t an official confirmation, most of the games mentioned here are supposedly already in the testing stage. I hope Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be next!

Do you believe the rumors? Is there a game you hope will be backward compatible next?



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6 thoughts on “Rumored Wave of Backward Compatible Games”

  1. i hope lego batman 2 and lego star wars the clone wars comes to backwards compatible

  2. Pete says:

    nobody should get their hopes up here, believe nothing until it’s official

  3. FFXIII would be interesting because it would be the first multi disc game on XB1 BC.

  4. @Old2NewGaming whats more important is does 360 play ORIGINAL first Xbox games?

  5. Adam Perry says:

    why would Saints Row IV be there when it’s out on the One already?

  6. soooooo waiting for Bioshock infinate

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