Should We Be Getting Ready For Space Battles?

There are a lot of problems with EA’s phenomenal shooter Star Wars Battlefront but it is still a fantastic game. There was however one thing really big thing missing that fans are still crying out for, and that is space battles, when you’ve got a whole galaxy to use these battles could be huge.

In the coming months Star Wars Battlefront is set to get a lot more content in the form of new maps, game modes and locations. The last piece of content is set to be released early in 2017 and before then we cold well be treated to the most iconic location of all, yes, we could well be getting the Death Star to play on. This will also pave the way for the space battles that we are crying out for. Apparently the Death Star expansion is set to be released late in 2016.starwarsbattlefront4

EA haven’t said anything official about the death Star yet but when they were asked about it on their Facebook Page the company just said to keep your eye out for an announcement. This could be a backhanded announcement but it could also just be EA trolling us.

The confusion was compounded when EA then took to Twitter to deny that space battles was something that they were working on for this release. What that really means is open to interpretation.

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