Jay and Silent Bob game in production

That’s right fellow Jay and Silent Bob fans our prayers have finally been answered. The good people over at Interabang Entertainment have been working on a Jay and Silent Bob game for around a year now and the premise sounds incredible and the art looks amazing.

The official crowdfunding website for the game, entitled Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch, is full of encouraging statements such as the below, which is in regards to why they opted for an independent as opposed to main stream developer:

Jay and Silent Bob sell marijuana outside of a convenience store, swear profusely, and are constantly on the prowl for booty. If we had to censor these aspects of their personalities we would have failed to faithfully translate the characters to a game.

The game is a side scrolling 2.5D brawler that can be played alone or with friends, the story line itself sounds intriguing and seems as though it’ll stay as true as possible to it’s original source material and it’s creator’s (Kevin Smith) vision.

Jay and Silent Bob’s customers are gone and they’re on a mission to find out why. Their search soon leads them to the sparkling new mega-mall which is almost a  city unto itself  complete with apartments, restaurants, hospitals, and schools.  On the surface, the mall seems a Utopia.  But as our heroes soon discover once a  would-be patron of this paradise enters they find they can’t make their way out.  Before long the power of the place mesmerizes them and they no longer remember their lives before becoming permanent citizens of The Galleria.  Who’s responsible for this diabolical labyrinth?!  What do they want?!  Will Jay and Silent Bob ever find the Orange Julius?!  Only time will tell…

The games developers are working closely with Kevin Smith (Silent Bob), Jason Mewes (Jay) and numerous other people who have had a hand in making the View Askewniverse what it is today to make sure that loyal fans’ expectations are met and as the screenshots below show they’re already quite a way into development.


While the game will almost certainly be crass and feature a vast quantity of unadulterated toilet humor it also sounds as though it’s going to be a joy to play and it’s not going to be a case of “Go there, hit that guy until one of you faint then go do the same in the next level” with the Convo Combo mechanic coming into play and making things far more interesting:

With the Convo Combo mechanic, players alter a branching story line and shape the outcome of boss interactions through fast-paced, dirty dozen, insult-driven combat.  It feels like a fighting game, but instead of breaking your opponent’s body your aim is to break them in a much more permanent psychological way.  Or, if flattery and persuasion is more to your taste, you might try to avoid the fight entirely, perhaps even making an ally in the process.  We are  putting together an intricate facial animation system to articulate the expressive nature of insult combat.

That’s right, as well as the physical combat side you can also enter warfare in a much more Jay-esque fashion, Insult Combat, multi choice abuse hurled at your enemies until they either have an emotional breakdown or feel the need to pummel you.

With the developers working so closely with the cast (right down to voice overs) it’s an exciting time to be a gaming Jay and Silent Bob fan. To find out more about the game, as well as the various rewards for funding visit the official site Fig site here (WARNING: Some colourful language and possibly inappropriate images) .

So, do you think this will be a huge success if done right? Or will it be a horrifying failure? I know on a personal level I couldn’t be more excited about this prospect. Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and as always keep up with us by joining our Facebook group, liking the Facebook page and following us on Twitter.

Source: Fig


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