What are we up to outside the Wonderful World of Xbox One UK?

Here at Xbox One UK we are committed to finding the most relevant news and information we can. We do this because we have a passion for gaming and an even bigger passion for the Xbox, although a few of us do have other lesser consoles (not naming names but you know who you are).

We are all volunteers doing this in our spare time, and yes before you ask we don’t get paid! This makes it even more impressive that we are able to post as much content as we do; we all have families and general life to contend with before we get a chance to source news. We are always busy; locating stories, creating videos and managing our social networking pages. But when we aren’t doing things to put up on the old internet, what exactly do we like to do in our spare time? Unsurprisingly we generally like to play games when we can.

Each week one of our editors will post a little bit about what they have been doing recently. More than likely it will be gaming related, but who knows what they will write about, it’s up to them. We hope you will enjoy this new weekly article and maybe, just maybe, you will get to know us all a little better.

This week it’s the turn of an Editor at Xbox One UK, Jeff Simpkins.


I have the hard job of following Matt’s piece from the other week where he started by comparing himself to some sort of mythical beast! So, I’m just going to resign myself to the fact that this will not be half as exciting an intro! “My name is Jeff” as the famous line (that I had posted on my Facebook wall for many weeks) goes, and I am one of the newest editors here at Xbox One UK.

I have been gaming for most of my life, although I wouldn’t consider myself a hardcore gamer until the Xbox 360 emerged. I am currently a PC & Xbox One gamer and I also stream a fair bit on Twitch! (including taking part in Game Blast, a 24 hour charity gaming marathon, next weekend!) On top of this I try to do as much as possible for Special Effect who are a charity that help people with disabilities to access Video Games again or for the first time ever!

Outside of gaming I am unfortunately a Blackpool FC supporter (Dire, I know), I enjoy a kick about with my mates and I  recently made my own pear cider! God, I absolutely love cider! (i’m not talking on a park bench & a 2 litre bottle of Strongbow by the way).

Oddly, I have never had anything to do with journalism previously, having completed a Degree in Policing! However I am really enjoying writing articles and reviews for Xbox One UK so far and all the staff are awesome! (No matter how much you Facebook trolls say otherwise). Give me a follow on the ol Twitch and Twitter and feel free to send me “My Name Is Jeff” quotes on a regular basis!

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Jeff Simpkins is a part time Twitch streamer, Part-time news & review writer for Xbox One UK and full time legend (or so he likes to think). Jeff is also a huge supporter of Special Effect, The gamer's charity.

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