HoloLens: Microsoft Not Rushing For The Right Reasons

Virtual reality is what alot in the gaming field think is the future to our ever growing graphical entertainment evolution, Microsoft’s edition to this much sought after piece of hardware named HoloLens is something we at Xbox One UK have been very excited about and its all we have been waiting for, so why is it taking so long you may ask?

Microsoft is in no rush to release the HoloLens and probably for the best reason, quality and content. When Microsoft first launched the Kinect it sold well over 10 million units in a staggering 60 days only but was it the right time, the lack of content was frustrating?

Alex Kipman the creator of HoloLens explained in a demo in Vancouver at the TED conference; “launching the Kinect as early as they did was not a pleasant experience.” Kipman maintains that it wasn’t ready to do so, as enthusiasm around the device dropped because of the lack of software support and technology. He wants to make sure HoloLens is a device people would find useful before selling it to them.

He went on to explain

“When I feel the world is ready, then we will allow normal people to buy it,” Kipman said in Vancouver. “It could be as soon as we say ‘yes,’ and it could be as long as a ‘very long time.”

“If a consumer bought it today, they would have 12 things to do with it,” he explained. “And they would say ‘Cool, I bought a $3,000 product that I can do 12 things with and now it is collecting dust.”

We saw in December Game streaming to HoloLens demonstrated first hand with Varun Mani streaming Halo 5 and our excitement peeked, as a gamer I really believe time isn’t and shouldn’t be a factor to the quality of any title or hardware, if it takes 5 years to create something and lasts through sheer quality with a large amount of content I would be very happy indeed!, of course you are all not me (im sure you will be very happy with that fact) and of course we would love your feedback on what you think on the HoloLens and weather is it a good thing that the developer is taking their sweet time or do you want it now without delay regardless of content, by all means leave your comments below.

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