Dirt Track Racing Kickstarter Is Live

Big Ant Dirt Track Racing is live on Kickstarter. As the title suggests it is a Dirt Racing game from Big Ant Studios. The game is intended to be “a toolbox of customization for all racing equipment, venues, vehicles and characters.” If you are a fan of this genre of gaming, then this may very well be for you.

The Kickstarter is Looking for a rather low $266.000 to make this game possible. If this target is achieved then the game will include the following:

Base Package, the “Short Block” $266,000

  • Driver Academy – Create, yourself or your favorite driver, edit, rate and share your creation with the community
  • Race Control – Setup the events, series, teams and graphics that will feature in the career and casual modes of the game
  • Promotions – Export forum banners, avatars and wallpaper using your drivers and a current 410 sprint car 
  • Venue Editor – Create the atmosphere of your local dirt track by using the stadium builder and prop library to set the scene for the race of your dreams 
  • Track Editor – All aspects of the racing surface are configurable. Change cushion, berm, moisture and clay content, turns, banking, geometry, it’s all up to you
  • Vehicle Dynamics – Take to the track in a 410ci current model sprintcar for test laps. Create, share and choose physics so the car handles how you want it.
  • Livery Editor – Take a base coat of paint and add up to 256 layers of patterns and downloadable details to get your rig looking just right
  • Race Suit and Helmet Editor – Place decals, badges, patches and sponsors for the perfect team uniform. Share your creations online with other racers
  • Casual Fun – Customize your venue, track and vehicle dynamics in a single event. Race against a field of AI, up to four multiplayer opponents
  • Single Player Career Opportunity – Start your career with a brand new race team. Assume driver, manager or crew roles across championship series to take your team to the big leagues over multiple years. Manage your sponsors, chassis, parts and skill to maximize your earning potential
  • Dynamic Racing – Full time-of-day and weather transitions, simulated tire wear, dynamic track conditions from tacky to slick, wind and aerodynamics modelling bring out the true nature of the sport
  • Virtual Dirt – Support for sim racing peripherals, 900 degree steering wheel support and virtual reality hardware integration on PC including the Oculus Rift and Steam VR

This will see the basics of a fully functional game, however the more they receive the more they will be able to add in game. According to their Kickstarter page this goes all the way up to the Dirt Track Mogul Level. Coming in at a cool $1,500,000 for the most immersive game experience they can make.

For more info visit the kickstarter page here to see a full breakdown of the games aims.

*Source Kickstarter

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