Rocket League Bug Fixing Update Incoming

Since launching this week. We’ve had plenty of opportunity to boost, dodge, jump and score epic length-of-the-pitch goals. Safe to say – we’re all loving it at XboxOneUK

But Rocket League has announced an update to fix some stuff.

Here is the details in full


Fixed crash instances that would sometimes occur when playing the game uninterrupted for several consecutive hours
Fixed an issue where game entered an unresponsive state when attempting to join another user in the post-game lobby

Players should now properly transition into a session after accepting an Xbox One Party invite.

Fixed an issue where the “Option” menu or “Report Player” menu would permanently remain on-screen when transitioning to the next match
Fixed multiple instances where players did not see other players in their own in-game Party

Don’t forget about  SNOW DAYS that’s also coming to Xbox One next week.

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