Destiny Matchmaking Update

Destiny’s matchmaking system has been the target of much player scrutiny in recent times. Bungie have struggled to match players with other similar skill level players who also have a good connection.

On February 2nd a message detailing a new matchmaking system that Bungie would be trying out was posted on their website. The aim of the new system is to match players with good connections whilst keeping the games competitive. After reading some of the feedback on the post it would seem players are still not happy with Bungie’s reluctance to remove Skill Based Matchmaking from their system.


What do you think about Destiny’s crucible? Would you rather have more balanced games at the risk of poor connection? Or, do away with Skill Based Matchmaking altogether and let the easy wins, the crushing defeats and the actually balanced games average themselves out over time? Let us know what you think in the comment section.

Read the post for yourself on Bungie’s Website

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