Are These DOOM’S Single Player Levels And Enemies?

Well the DOOM train is gaining momentum all the time. With the games release just around the corner (May 13th). People are hungry to find out any little bit of info they can surrounding the game. We recently wrote about the length of the campaign mode – you can find it Here in case your wondering just how long it is. And the news doesn’t stop there, head over to Doom World and you will find that someone has been routing around inside of the Alpha files:


– The same for the Archvile.

– AI and tags for the Cyberdemon.

– MP Maps.

– Some info about Marines vs The UAC personnel (MP factions maybe?)

– Difficulty levels, named after the originals from DOOM/DOOM 2.

– Something about an Aqua and a Hell Marine (NPCs? Armors? Upgrades?)

– Some technic information related to the rendering and the cinematics.

– The name “Zion” is present in almost every string, maybe was the original name for the project or it’s related to the cancelled DOOM game (AKA Call of Doom).

Although there’s not much there you can get a sense of what is coming in the new Doom game. Actually, there was a bit more info. However as can be seen on the website there has been a copyright infringement associated with the post…. ahhhh the NDA working to its full potential there,

BUT WAIT I hear you cry!!

This is old news… well its all relevant. Seeing as someone else has been diving in to the forbidden depths of the Alpha files (think of it like the X files but a little less classified). So what’s been spotted this time? Single player maps! Although these titles could be altered by ID Software before release. Or in fact levels could be added/removed, lets just bask in the gory (see what I did there) of some old style DOOM level names:

17 Level names have been located thus far

  • argent_tower
  • bfg_division
  • blood_keep
  • blood_keep_b
  • electro_tower
  • genesis_surface
  • hangar
  • intro
  • lazarus
  • olympia_engineering
  • olympia_shipyard
  • olympia_surface_west
  • polar_core
  • resource_ops
  • resource_ops_foundry
  • surface
  • titan

*Source DSOG

A level called Hanger has me wondering already. Is it a nod back to the level of the same name from the original Doom game?



AAAAHHHHH I love that game. If you didn’t know the original DOOM and DOOM 2 are available to download to your Xbox One via Backward Compatibility. If you have never tried them, give them a go and see where the game DOOM originates.

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