Dying Light: How to survive

Dying Light: The Following is a pretty mean place if you don’t have the right equipment. The first thing you need to do is start raiding vehicles for fuel and stockpile it, find old junk to upgrade your buggy as fast as possible, trust me, your going to need it! You can siphon fuel from gas stations as well as vehicles so make sure to make frequent pit stops.


If you don’t like going out at night with the fear of being murdered by a volatile or another horrible creature that roams the countryside, then the best thing for you is to sleep in a bed in a safe house. The bed allows you to skip the night which is good if you are trying to complete a mission or objective. If you enjoy the thrill of driving the buggy at night then as most players know, you get double points for doing stuff and surviving the night.

The best item to carry is the grappling hook; it is very useful for getting out of a sticky situation. Although the map has been made for motorised travel, there is still need to move around on foot, the grappling hook is perfect for getting to areas up high and help you quickly escape a horde.

Don’t drive your buggy recklessly; driving like a maniac is a great way to wreck your buggy very quickly. If the buggy gets too damaged you will be limited to driving at the slow speed of 10 mph. Then you are basically a sitting duck, especially if you drive into a viral nest.

If you venture into unfamiliar territory, it is best not to venture too far from your buggy, this is unavoidable in some regions, but running to your ride when you’re mobbed is a great approach for avoiding certain doom. It cuts down on travel time in a big way, too, which is useful when you’re gunning to tackle a tough mission before nightfall.

If you are going to venture into unknown territory, make sure you clear out any safe houses that are in the immediate area, this is imperative if you are going to survive if you are caught out at night or attacked by a large horde of infected.

If you earned enough trust with the cultists then you will eventually unlock the crossbow, this is a good way of killing stealthily. Even though cutting every enemy down with a barrage of bullets is satisfying, it is also a good way of being attacked by a horde of virals. Remember stealth is a better way to kill, and live.

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