An Open Letter to… The Makers of Payday 2

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To Whom It May Concern,

I hope that this letter finds you well. I’m writing to you today to ask… nay, demand that you bring the console DLC line-up of your popular title “Payday 2” up to date with the PC version.

You see, I love Payday 2. Me and my friends do. It’s one of our “go-to” games whenever we want to hang out after a long day. It helps to bring us together (and occasionally tear us apart when one such friend accidentally lobs a grenade during a stealth mission), and we, along with many other console gamers, would gladly pay money for some new gear and new heists. Doing The Big Bank heist over and over again does get old after a while, no matter how fun it is to drop a giant piggy bank on to the heads of some cops.

Frankly, the fact that the DLC remains exclusively on PC is baffling, when porting it over to consoles would be a wise financial decision. Think about the potential new markets you’d be opening up to, how much profit you’d stand to make by letting new players get their hands on new content. You added micro-transactions to the PC version, stating that it was to help support new content, so why not go the extra mile?

It would also be a fantastic way to garner some goodwill with the console crowd; you’ve already made mistakes with the console playerbase when you took months to correct a matchmaking bug that plagued users from launch. This would be the perfect way to extend an olive branch and say “you know, we appreciate your support. Thanks guys!” Just chucking a single mask our way isn’t going to cut it.

Every time we see a new piece of DLC available for PC, it hurts just that little bit. We, the console community, are being left out in the cold and we don’t know why. We play Payday to commit some honest-to-goodness virtual crime, but the only crime occurring right now is one of neglect. We don’t want to be neglected, we just want more heists! Is that really so much to ask for?

At the end of the day, all we want to do is support you guys, so that you can make more awesome content. That new Walking Dead you’re working on has me excited, for instance. But if you’re not going to support the console community, why on earth should we support you?

Please, just consider it.


A Loyal Member of the PAYDAY Crew.

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