The Division’s live action miniseries brings the apocalypse home

The Division

As lovers of video games, we’ve handled our fair share of apocalypses – cities, worlds, even galaxies have been destroyed and we’ve barely blinked.

Apocalypses are huge. People are small. And The Division‘s Agent Origins live action miniseries brings an apocalypse we have seen so many times before down to a human level – emphasizing the horror society falling would have on ordinary people.

The four films run to twenty minutes in total (if you search around YouTube you’ll find a super cut of all four films together, but we have linked to the official individual Ubisoft playlist below).

The Division launches on 8 March (standalone and in a bundle with the season pass), with an Open Beta starting on 18 February for Xbox One owners.

Our take: This is one of the best promos for a video game we have seen. Mark Daley, Community Manager:

“This live action origin story looks like it has a bigger budget than most movies. This story proves how games (as realistic as they are) allow you to distance yourself emotionally, compared to viewing actual combat first hand. The “Escape” film is just brutal, yet beautifully portrayed as there is hope. It’s incredible.”

We were already hyped for The Division; the closed Beta proved that the empty-promise of Watchdogs wasn’t going to recur, and it’s clear that Ubisoft has poured more than just marketing money into making the game a success.

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