How Long Will DOOM Take to Finish This Time Round?

Have you ever played the old Doom games? You know the original DOOM and DOOM 2. Did you ever stop and wonder just how long they took to complete. Back in the early 90’s when these games popped into existence, game length wasn’t a factor. In fact most people who played DOOM were actually trying to ‘speed run’ the game. Doing the game on Nightmare difficulty and as quick as possible was the ‘in’ thing.

Nowadays however people want length, the more they can get for their money the better. They don’t want a game to be finished as quick as possible. They want a fulfilling experience that will take them hours to complete.

With that in mind, Bethesda have took to twitter and let slip the estimated game time:


So how does this new DOOM do this, well it has gone back to basics. Making a game like the old style DOOM games- low ammo, lots of strafing, overwhelming baddies….. Put all of this together with 13+ hours, it should bring a healthy amount of gameplay for the fans to get their teeth into.


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Andrew 'Bowsey' Bowes

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