GTA Online Weekend Event | Til Death Do Us Part

Los Santos just got doubly dangerous. No, Donald Trump hasn’t been voted Mayor – even the Los Santos residents aren’t that insane. No, this week’s a Double Dollars event in GTA Online, with double your bucks (and double your RP, too) to recognise the love we all have for our fellow man. This event runs from 12 February until 18 February.

First up for the Double Dollars and Double RP treatment is a new Adversary Mode, Till Death Us Do Part. Up to four pairs of star-crossed lovers take part in the ultimate GTA Online quadruple date: each couple has one life between them, and if one half dies, the survivor then takes their own life in dramatic fashion. Additionally, you’ll get Health regeneration bonuses when you stay close to your partner, so get cozy.

You can play the new Adversary Mode in five different romantic locations (easily selectable via the Adversary Modes section of the GTA Online pause menus) or jump in to a Featured Playlist with a trio of locations by hitting the button on the GTAV launch screens.

GTA Online Till Death Us Do Part

You can also double up on RP in other ways throughout the week, too – whether you’re riding together in a vehicle or staring into each other’s eyes as you Arm Wrestle, you’ll be ranking up twice as fast.

Need something to sweeten the deal? Why not indulge in a first date at the movies or a fairground ride, free of charge! Tivoli Cinema, the Ten Cent and Oriental Theaters are honoring free admissions during this time period, allowing you to watch mood-setting classics such as Meltdown and Capolavoro to your heart’s content. Public displays of affection more your thing? Head on out to Del Perro Pier where the Ferris Whale and Leviathan roller coaster will heighten thrills and excitement for the same exact deal.

If violence is your thing, there’s some sweet deal on ammo. While it may be presumptuous to go into a romantic evening with certain expectations, you should always be prepared. All week long head on over to Ammu-Nation for 50% off all SMG Ammo to ensure you have proper protection and your Gusenberg Sweeper always has one in the chamber.

And if you are looking for an outfit to impress your crush, look no further! Get dolled up, fresh and looking your best for your big Valentine’s date with a pair of exclusive tees available only this Saturday & Sunday on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Log in anytime tomorrow Saturday 13 February to receive the “Nelson in Naples” t-shirt, and on Sunday 14 February to experience the full gamut of love and heartache with “An American Divorce” t-shirt.

Finally, you could win big with a Valentines themed Snapmatic competition! Pull out that iFruit and document your love for the official #BEMYVALENTINE Snapmatic Contest. The five Snapmatic photogs whom best capture the essence of the new Be My Valentine content, from the sexy lines of the Valor to the plethora of new clothing, will each reach receive a cool GTA$1,000,000. Valid entries must be received before end-of-day Sunday 14 February and have the “#bemyvalentine” tag on Social Club.

For full details of the Double Dollars event – and the Snapmatic competition rules, head on over to the Rockstar Newswire.

See you downtown, guys n dolls!

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