Star Wars Battlefront Double XP Weekend Coming Up

Don’t know what to get the love of your life this valentines day? well fear not as EA have you covered- With a Star Wars Double XP Event!


Starting on Friday 12th through to Sunday 14th of February EA have created a Double XP event as a thank you to the fans. Last week the Battlefront community were challenged to a new Community Mission, players were asked to complete 3 MILLION daily challenges. Well you took no prisoners this time round and managed to smash that total by completing 4.3 Million challenges. ‘WOW’

rendition1.img (1)

‘As promised, your reward is a 2X Bonus Weekend that is going to kick off on February 12th. The 2X bonus will remain active through Valentine’s Day, so make sure to get your special someone a copy of Star Wars™ Battlefront™ and lovingly help them reach level 50.’  EA

That not all however, once this event is over you will only have to wait a few days for the next Community Mission to begin on the 16th. Its no surprise to be fair that the community have managed to surpass this total with ease when you consider that Battlefront has shipped over 13 million copies of the game worldwide.

*Source EA

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