Zombie game H1Z1 heads to Xbox One this Summer… mostly (UPDATED)

Zombies. The chances are your console is stuffed full of them. Attacking your garden as you furiously plant pea shooters to ward them off. Shambling around Raccoon City as you desperately fumble with old school tank controls and conserve what little ammo you have left. Striking fear as the volatile infected, roaming in packs at night. Zombies have been a video game staple for many years.

This Summer gamers will find a new level of fear as Daybreak’s PC online survival game H1Z1 lands on consoles.

That H1Z1 is to land on consoles at all will please many. That only part of the game is coming our way could well disappoint many more. The team at Daybreak has been working for several months on breaking the current PC game into two – with only one of the new games heading out of Steam’s early access and onto PCs and consoles later this summer.

H1Z1 Zombie

The bit of H1Z1 Xbox One owners will see is H1Z1: King of the Hill. Rather than a persistent, online open world survival challenge, H1Z1:King of the Hill is an instanced multiplayer arena shooter, incorporating H1Z1‘s fan favourite Battle Royale mode, among others.

The online open world element of the game will be renamed H1Z1: Just Survive, and will remain part of Steam’s Early Access programme for the foreseeable future. There are currently no plans to bring this game to consoles. UPDATE: Daybreak have confirmed they are planning to release H1Z1: Just Survive on consoles at some point, although no time frame has been specified.

In an interview with Polygon, executive creative director at Daybreak Jens Anderson had this to say:

“We have received feedback from our community and they’ve pointed out that these are really two different games, that they are very much stand-alone concepts that have two different audiences. There will be two separate development teams supporting H1Z1: Just Survive and H1Z1: King of the Kill, and both of these teams will really be able to tool up and focus on the needs of the players of each of those titles.”

What do you think about the developer’s decision to split the game in two, and only bring half of the current H1Z1 to consoles? Let us know in the comments.

With thanks to Polygon.

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