GTA Online double dollar weekend, new game modes

GTA Online

This weekend – 29-31 January – you can earn double GTA dollars in all adversary mode game types and all races, so there’s never been a better time to head into GTA Online‘s Los Santos and create some mayhem!

Looking for more motivation? Okay – how about a sale? Everybody loves a bargain! 50% discount on all paratrooper gear, including parachutes, and a 25% discount on all garage properties! This weekend only!

Still not convinced? How about a new game mode then – Dropzone. Leaping from a Cargo Bob high above the city, you and your team of intrepid paratroopers (you did just buy some cheap parachuting gear, didn’t you?) must plummet earthward and capture and hold a small patch of ground. With up to four teams and sixteen players competing for the same objectives, things are going to get pretty hectic!

GAT Online new car customisations

Still want more? Wow, you’re demanding today! Rockstar have further sweetened the deal with new vehicles and upgrades available at Benny’s Autos. Pick up the Karin Sultan and Bravado Banshee at a low entry price in the updated Stock section of and then buy some unique customisation options that lift these relatively ordinary motors to supercar status! Be warned, though, this level of customisation doesn’t come cheap!

Double dollar rewards and discount sales are for this weekend only, Dropzone and the new cars and customisations are permanent additions to Los Santos.

Will you be heading to Los Santos? Are you looking forward to the new additions? Are you that person that keeps running me over in a tank? Why not let us know in comments?

You can read more about double dollar weekend and Dropzone and the new car customisation over at the Rockstar Social Club!

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