New Dying Light Nightmare Video

Techland have released the latest installment of their Dying Lights Enhancements series. This time they chronicle the new extremely difficult Nightmare Mode in all of its awful, gory glory.

The main aspect of this game mode will be that you will be forced to plan your attacks much more carefully. Zombies will be much tougher and the nights will be much longer. To ramp things up even more, there will be much more of an emphasis on stamina. There will now be a stamina bar meaning that you can’t just go on a zombie killing rampage. There also won’t be any special Easter egg weapons kicking about for you to enjoy.dyinglight7

Now all of these sound like bad things, and believe you me, they are. With all things though there is a reward for your struggle and the rewards are plentiful. Obviously you will be spending more time out and about at night meaning there is the usual XP reward there. You will also be rewarded with extra XP just for playing on Nightmare Mode. Playing with friends? you will get a ten percent XP bonus per player, meaning that if you play with three friends you will get a thirty percent bonus. And now let’s get back to the weapons, you won’t have those magical Easter egg weapons like the Korek machete that we all know and love but you will have a lot more bonus gold weapons to help you on your zombie slaying way.

You can watch Techlands Dying Lights Enhancements #3 video here.

Dying light: The Following Enhanced Edition will be released on the Xbox One on February 9. So until then, good night and good luck.

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