Wesker Mode Comes To Resident Evil Zero

Resident Evil fans rejoice, now you have the chance to play as Resident Evil’s original mischief maker, Albert Wesker. This little treat is easy(ish) to come by as well. All you have to do is finish Resident Evil Zero, the remake of the all time classic original game in the series, on any difficulty.

Playing as Mr Wesker doesn’t change a great deal in the game except for maybe making you look just a little bit cooler. The story line, puzzles and boss fights aren’t really changed much at all. You do however get some new dialogue but most of this comes when you are controlling his teammate Rebecca, who now sports a rather fetching black leather jacket which compliments Wesker’s bad boy image perfectly. The strange thing however is that all the other characters in the game still refers to him as Billy which slightly spoils the immersion factor, but hey, at this point we’re just here to kill some zombies, right?residentevilwesker

You do get to harness some of Wesker’s T-Virus enabled abilities though. You will be able to perform “Shadow Dash” which lets you cover a great deal of ground quickly, just as long as there are no obstacles in your way. You will also be able to use his “Death Stare” power which allows Wesker to harness all of his mutant powers to destroy anything that lies in his way.

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