Destiny 2 NOT launching in September after all

Destiny The Taken King

In a non-announcement that surprises no-one, Destiny 2 will NOT launch in September 2016.

Woah, there, let’s rewind a little! Destiny 2 was supposed to be coming this September? Says who? Not Bungie?

No, not Bungie, and not Activision, either. Not directly. But last September, amidst the court battle between Bungie and their long-time composer, Marty O’Donnell, documents were released to the court that laid out Bungie’s long-term plans for the franchise. These indicated that disc-based sequels were planned every two years until 2019.

Now, bear with us here: the documents – when released to the  court – were already out of date, as they detailed a planned release date for the first Destiny of September 2013. Applying the every-second-year theory to Destiny’s actual release date – September 2014 – puts the first full sequel into a September 2016 launch window.

Destiny court documents

A story carried yesterday by respected multi-format news site Kotaku casts significant doubt on not only the date for a sequel, but also on there being any coherent plan at all.

“One of the reasons Bungie has no roadmap is that they may not know exactly what’s coming down the road. Plans for Destiny’s future are constantly in flux. As an example, just last week higher-ups at Bungie delayed “Destiny 2” out of this September, according to people familiar with goings-on at the studio.”

~ Jason Schreier, Kotaku, 21 January 2016

While disappointing, it’s clear that many players – even those of us who love the game and can’t shake that Destiny addiction – have for some time been feeling uneasy with the current direction (or lack thereof) that Destiny is taking. The Taken King was a fantastic update, fixing almost every one of Destiny’s year one flaws, but since then the lack of content, and the relative silence from Bungie, speaks volumes.

Destiny Crimson Days

Fun distractions though they may be, events like the Sparrow Racing League and the upcoming Crimson Days don’t leave us with the sense that Bungie is as committed to their 10-year plan as we would like. And that’s even before we consider the “cosmetic only” micro transactions that quickly became game-altering level boosters.

However, we are willing to be convinced otherwise. We are not giving up just yet.

See you in the Crucible, Guardians!

With thanks to Kotakuhead on over to their article for the in-depth insider track on this story.

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