The Division’s Demographic Matchmaking System Scrapped

It has been announced by the current Creative Director of Ubisoft’s The Division that the Demographic Matchmaking System that was proposed in 2013 has been scaled back to a more traditional matchmaking model

In 2013 the old Creative Director of The Division, Nicklas Cederstrom made a large and revolutionary promise regarding their matchmaking system in an interview with Rev3Games.  They were going to allow matchmaking to take into account the lives of each player, and then put you in a multiplayer game with like minded people.

“What we’ve done is we’re making sure we’ve matched up players with the right skill set for you. Maybe you have a young baby or whatever at home and you want to play with people who are respectful of that and that will hook you up with those kind of people. You can say ‘oh wait I need two minutes the baby is crying’ and everyone has the same situation at the same time, ‘okay no problem,'” Cederstrom said.

Three years later and a new Creative Director at the helm, Magnus Jansen, and the ‘okay, no problem’ dream has fallen somewhat flat and will no longer be in the game, as found out in an interview.

“It’s important for us that you notice matchmaking as little as possible. We don’t want people filling in a form or talking too much. We try to not show you the matchmaking so that when you walk into the DarkZone it’s completely seamless, there’s no wait, there’s no lobby, all of that is handled as you get close to the DarkZone. For the matchmaking, what we’ve ended up focusing on is the ping, experience, connection and focusing on as close to you as possible.

“We try to sort out [players] being close to your language and time zone. [If you put people together] in different time zones, then they’re going to go to bed at different points. Really, it’s all about the ping and the proximity that is giving us the best results.

“Then there are some behavioral [factors], like what type of a player are you? But we are going to wait and see with that, I’ll be purposefully vague on that in terms of the details that you mentioned because I think initially, we are going to try and find you a good and close player,” Jansen told

When you start to scrutinise The Division’s current form you can really begin to see how much the game has changed from how it was presented three years ago. It should serve as a stark lesson for both Ubisoft and any other developer hoping to bring something new to the gaming table, don’t reveal those features before you really know how possible they are going to be.

The Division will be released March 8th 2016 for Xbox One, with a day early beta on Xbox One starting on January 29th.

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