Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf Coming To Xbox One

The rumor mill is working hard and today’s rumor is that 505 Games are currently working on bringing Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf to the Xbox One.

Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf is a RPG based on the 1980’s game books created by British fantasy writer Joe Denver. With it’s non linear game play and in-game choices that will affect both gameplay and the endings that you get, Lone Wolf could be a lot of fun for any fans of the RPG genre. Set across four acts, you’ll discover what happened at Rockstarn, explore the Sunken Forest and check out the secrets of the Shianti Temple, before storming the fortress of V’taag.

Unlike the book versions of Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf there are no dice roles to rely on here. The combat is a real combat based system so you are there for every block, every parry and every sword swipe.lonewolf1

There has been no official announcement of Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf’s release but there is a very good chance that it will be coming to Xbox One some time soon as it has just passed the rating stage with PEGI, the board who give games age ratings. This means that the developer is putting in serious effort to bring the game to the console. Due to it’s “realistic looking violence” Lone Wolf has been given a 16+ rating.

You can watch a trailer for Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf here.

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  1. KoЯn68 says:

    @forgereply @505_Games the guy in the back really looks like fulgore from KI

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