Minecraft: Educational Edition Coming Soon

We all love Minecraft, adults and children alike. But it’s not all that you think. While we spend our time creating masterpieces and exploring deep, dark caverns Microsoft have bigger and better plans. Whether they be exploring, ancient Rome, the pyramids of Egypt or Pompeii, Microsoft plans on allowing you to look around all of these and more in its new educational edition that has just been announced for schools.

Minecraft: Educational Edition won’t differ massively from the game that we all know and love, the ew changes will simply for ease of use. One new feature will be an improved mapping system so that a whole class can find their way around. there will also be an in-game camera that will allow users to take snapshots of what they see. You will then be able to add these snapshots to a scrapbook, allowing you to review what you have seen. Microsoft have said that they don’t want the changes to be that drastic as they won’t to keep the core element of Minecraft been a game at its heart.minecraft

Educators will also be able to submit worlds and lesson plans that go with them to a website, creating a large educational community. Minecraft won’t be the lessons themselves, more a visual aid that will allow students to explore ancient places, great architecture or even molecules in a science lesson. Minecraft: Educational Edition will live or die on this sense of community as Microsoft won’t be using any of its own resources to create worlds for students and teachers to use.

At the announcement it was said that Minecraft: Educational Edition will cost $5 per student and will tie into their existing Microsoft account.This means that students will also be able to use the resource at home, just so long as they log on with the same account that they use at school. Homework could be a lot more fun in the future. The biggest challenge that Microsoft will face will be making Minecraft: Educational edition easy to use for teachers especially those that aren’t too video game savvy.

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Source: theverge.com

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