Dying Light: The Following will keep you coming back day after day

Dying Light: The Following is set to release on February 9th 2016 and is building up to be a massive expansion to the original Dying Light from back in January 2015. It seems like every day Techland is revealing more features and contents to this expansion to keep the hype train at full speed. The most recent update from the developer was talking more about the bounties, these are daily and weekly objectives to keep you coming back day after day.

“Now that the Enhanced Edition has gone gold, we can focus on telling our fans everything they want to know about the enhancements we’ve made,” says Maciej Binkowski, lead game designer. “Today we’re showing Bounties. Basically, these are unique objectives that change every day. So even if you did all the quests, challenges, you always have a reason to jump in, preferably with some friends. Bounties are a great way to bump up your XP, especially for the new Legend Levels which players will unlock once they max out one the base skill trees.”

You will only unlock the bounties after you complete the main story line and they aim to give you something to do while you continue to parkour over zombies heads. There are three main categories of bounties:

Basic Bounties: “Fun tasks” you can complete while exploring the quarantine zone or doing quests. These come in the form of beheading zombies, surviving night chases, and more.

Dailies: These are bounties that change every day and explore the extremes of various gameplay elements of Dying Light, such as climbing the highest point in Harran.

Community Challenges: These will last for a couple of days and see the Dying Light community work together for a cumulative goal. If the goal is met, you’ll all receive a reward. The first community challenge will be announced February 9th when Dying Light: The Following is released.

Below is the developer video talking about the bounties, check it out to learn some more about what to expect with the bounties coming with this massive expansion.


Bounties is just one of the many new features coming with Dying Light: The Following. Some of the other great things to look forward to and make the wait until February 9th even more difficult are:

  • Nightmare difficulty setting
  • Legend system
  • Bounties system
  • New Parkour moves
  • New enemy attacks and behaviours
  • Enhanced facial expressions
  • New NPC models
  • Improved human enemy AI
  • Improved volatile AI
  • Greater firearm variety
  • HUD and video filter customizations
  • Audio upgrades
  • Gameplay quality improvements
  • Console performance upgrades
  • Overall game look and feel improvements
  • #DrinkForDLC Content

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