Gigantic To Get New Beta Update

Gigantic is an upcoming game from Motiga and is currently undergoing Beta testing. On Wednesday (January 20) the Beta will get its biggest update to date. The Beta, known as Beta 2.0, will bring with it several new features, including the ability for testers to play the game 24/7 rather than at the set times that they had to play at before.

Gigantic Beta 2.0 will also unlock cross platform play between the Xbox One and PC as well as opening up European servers. There is also rumor that there will be a new Hero added and Motiga has promised to update the Beta more regularly in the future. A new client will come with the update replacing the current beta client that testers have been using. Motiga will issue new redemption keys and installation instructions this week.gigantic1

Initially slated for launch in 2015 Gigantic is a free-to-play game that has been delayed until this year due to feedback that Motiga received from its period of closed testing. This setback led to the loss of 16 jobs, mostly from the publishing team. At the time Motiga said “Undeterred, the team fights on and the work continues. As always, there are challenges. Some challenges require us to adapt. Some we master with ease. Some take blood, sweat, and tears.”

When more news on Gigantic’s full release we will be sure to let you know here.

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