Elgato Introduce Sound Capture For Windows

Following the successful launch of their Game Capture HD60 Pro in September, the Gaming Chat Link in November and most recently Game Capture 3.0 in December, Elgato Gaming have done it again. This time it’s the turn of Elgato Sound Capture.

The Windows based programme was released in it’s BETA stage on January 15th of this year. Rather than me harp on about a programme that I’ve not yet used myself I’ll let you read Elgato’s own comments on their newest release below.


Elgato Sound Capture

What is Elgato Sound Capture?

Sound Capture is a program that gives you more options for your audio in streaming and recording. Sound Capture lets you easily inject music or team chat into your streams, and Sound Capture also allows you to record PC Gameplay audio without any fuss.

We also realize some people might have a use that doesn’t fit these settings, so we also have an advanced tab with more options on how to configure your audio and where to send it. For example, using this advanced menu, you can have desktop audio sent to your capture card, headset, and speakers all at once.

What can I use Sound Capture for?

Sound Capture is a powerful tool that can add a lot of value to your streamed and recorded content. For example, you could

  • Add a Skype call with your friends so that you can hear the live dialogue and conversations which go on while you are playing.
  • Add a music source (e.g. Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, iTunes) to share you favorite gaming playlist.
  • Record full audio from PC gameplay without the need for any additional programs or equipment.
  • Record your clan, guild or gaming group’s conversation from TeamSpeak or Discord.


So there you have it, from the horses mouth as it were. The Elgato Sound Capture looks like the real deal, to learn more about the application head over to the official website where you can find download links, FAQs and help articles. Let us know how you get on with the software if you decide to download it.

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Bryan O'Shea

I was going to update this to say that I had recovered from my Destiny addiction. Unfortunately Rise of Iron has since happened so yeah.....

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