Xbox One UK’s Backwards Compatibility Wishlist

It’s fair to say that Backwards Compatibility for the Xbox One is a popular feature that we can’t wait to see expand over the coming months. We’ve currently got a solid bunch of titles available right now, but it’d always be nice to see some more. So, we’ve put a little wishlist together of what we’d like to see become available with Backwards Compatibility.

Skyrim and Oblivion – The Whole Team


Let’s be honest now: Skyrim is close to or at the very top of all Backwards Compatibility wishlists, and rightly so. I’m sure we’ll all proudly admit to sinking entire days into that game, but let’s not forget about Skyrim’s older brother: Oblivion. Tamriel’s adventures and memories are just as cherished, and we’d all jump at the chance to play again.

Max Payne 3 – Ash Bates


Some may have lamented Max’s self loathing and serious tone when it’s matched with slow-mo bullet dives, ridiculous set pieces and a body count befitting of a historical warlord, but those people missed out on a fantastic shooter depicting a struggling protagonist out of his depth, spiralling downwards and shooting everything that moves. Also, the multiplayer was surprisingly good, somehow making bullet time work online… ish. Please, Phil Spencer, send us back to Brazil.

Beautiful Katamari – Ash Bates


Whilst certainly much more obscure than most of the Xbox 360 back-catalogue, Beautiful Katamari deserves another chance to shine. Unapologetically Japanese in every way, this ball rolling curio can put a smile on even the most stoic of gamers. That, or you’ll be utterly bamboozled by the ridiculousness on screen. Either way, you won’t forget it.

Ghostbusters – Danny Curran


With the new film on its way, now would be a perfect time to dip into the world of Ghostbusters. Boasting a brand new story featuring the voice talents of the original cast and online co-op, it would make a perfect title for Backwards Compatibility, maybe even as part of Games With Gold. Get ready, it’s time to call the Ghostbusters…

Red Dead Redemption – Mike Riley


Another game that’s on the top of most wishlists, John Marston’s journey was violent, emotional and poignant. A true masterpiece, with a fantastic multiplayer component that really laid the groundwork for GTA Online. Hunting friends across the great frontier was never, nor will likely ever be that much fun.

SSX – Sophie Tucker


It was never going to be as good as the original PS2 games, but at least it wasn’t the initially proposed reboot SSX: Deadly Descent; a humourless, grey, potential charisma vacuum of a game. What we got in SSX was a tight, fun and rewarding snowboarding game with social interaction that actively encouraged competition. I know I found myself in more than a few leaderboard battles when taking to the slopes, so I ask you: who’s up for a group trip to the peaks?

Crackdown – Mark Daley


You might remember Crackdown as “the free game that came with the Halo 3 beta”, but the 360 launch title was so much more than that. Whilst short, Crackdown did an amazing job of making you feel like an unkillable death machine, dispensing thrown car justice to any ne’er-do-well. Or your co-op partner, more often than not.

X-Com: Enemy Within – Stacey Knowles


Enemy Within was a brilliant reimagining of the original X-Com UFO Defense and one of the finest, most absorbing games on the 360. We would love to see it on the One through Backwards Compatibility – especially if it came as a freebie for an Xbox One version of the sequel! Unfortunately, at the moment it looks as though XCOM 2 will be PC only, with no console version on the horizon. Still, we can dream.

Xbox 360 Kinect Games – Stacey Knowles


We know Xbox have said that the technologies for Kinect 1 and Kinect 2 are too different to make it happen, but we reckon that Xbox One owners deserve classics such as Child of Eden and Kinectimals (now with Bears!). Besides, it gives us a reason to dig out the Kinect again!

Mass Effect 2 and 3 – Hannah Nichols


This just makes sense, honestly. With Mass Effect 1 already available with Backwards Compatibility, it’s about time we were able to finish the trilogy on Xbox One, especially with Mass Effect: Andromeda on its way. We’d love to revisit the journey of Commander Shepard, fight the Collectors and destroy some Reapers, and this would also provide newcomers the chance to hop aboard The Normandy and save the known universe.

Saw – Chris Nash


We would love to see the horror classic ‘SAW’ come to the Xbox One, as the game is so gross that it is amazing. Where else can you take pride in either saving someone from a gruesome death or doing a complete flip and wishing it upon someone in another scenario? Plus some of those puzzles were really sent to try even the patience of a saint, my controller nearly got launched on numerous occasions. So for me, ‘SAW’ has scenes so grotesque that you can’t help but watch, and it would be an amazing addition to the Backwards Compatibility collection.

Asura’s Wrath – Ash Bates


I’m partial to my Japanese culture every now and again, and Asura’s Wrath was about as close as gaming got to anime without it being an actual licensed game. This game has such a soft spot in my heart, even if 50% of Asura’s Wrath is quick-time events and cutscenes. It has to be seen to be believed, honestly, and being part of the backwards compatibility program would allow a new audience access to one of the most visually stunning games of the previous generation.

There are some of our picks, but we’d also like to know what you guys want to see. Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments below!

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Ashley Bates

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