Sparkle 2 landing on Xbox One on 27 January

The indie team 10tons, the team behind some great games such as Crimsonland, Baseball Riot and of course Sparkle Unleashed have announced that Sparkle 2 will be landing on Xbox one and for all you anticipating fans the wait won’t be long at all.

Sparkle 2 will appear on our Xbox dashboards on 27 January for us to enjoy and the game promises to offer the same great gameplay as Sparkle Unleashed did back in 2015. Sparkle 2 is set in a wonderful and mysterious world filled with breathtaking magic effects and settings. The action puzzler will have you traveling through enchanting lands trying to find 5 mystical keys.

Sparkle 2_20140519235837

This match three shooter will have 90 challenging levels filled with beautiful magic and enchanting scenery to keep you glued to the screen. It also has:

  • 4 game modes : Story, Survival, Challenge and Cataclysm
  • 16 incredible enchantments to cast through your Orb Slinger
  • A story full of mystery and intrigue, with voiceovers to keep you immersed throughout
  • Award-winning composer Jonathan Geer created the cinematic soundtrack
  • Lastly next generation special effects and the suberbly polished action puzzling we expect from creators 10tons.

Sparkle 2 will be out on 27  January priced at $7.99 (so around £5-6 for us) with a lovely 15% launch discount. We at Xbox One UK can’t wait to sink our time into Sparkle 2.

The official trailer is below, so check it out to see how great this game looks in action.

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