Black Ops 3 Secret Menu Discovered

How many other secrets are there in Black Ops 3

Aside from playing games, the other things I love are the hidden extras that developers hide in their games and the people that find them. How on earth they discover them is always a mystery to me, but from the bottom of my heart I thank you for persevering until something is discovered.

The latest hero to discover such a gem is Ron_Scottznbgr over on Reddit, he has uncovered a whole new secret menu and shared it for all of us to enjoy. This awesome dude also gave us a video on how to unlock it, always nice when people share. Here’s the step by step guide on how to do this, the video is also below in case you want that too:

  1. Open the data vault.
  2. Go to top left area of the screen. You will be highlighting the weird “S” logo, and your cursor will disappear. (Hitting “A” here will take you to the Dead Ops mode, although this is not at all necessary to get to the menu)
  3. Hold all of the Shoulder Buttons, then press “X”, then “Y”
  4. If that button combination fails to work, Hold RT and hit X then Y. Or hit X then Y then press RT.

So what does this all mean, is it an Easter Egg from Treyarch or is there more to this than initially meets the eye. Well there is one confirmed code already, if you type in MANIFEST you get your Fabrication Kits to 100. This is a one time only code and cannot be used again, it is also permanent.

So do you think you know any codes, will you try this out and see what secrets you can unlock, do we finally find out what the numbers mean from Black Ops 1 and are there more of these hidden gems still awaiting to be found?

Let us know if you find any codes that work in the comments section, team work is key here so let’s make this happen.

Full credit and source goes to Ron_Scottznbrgr

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