The Division Beta Coming January?

The Division is one of the most anticipated titles coming this year on March 8th, the Alpha that recently landed was just a glimpse of this open world shooter and alot of gamers are waiting for the Beta before pre-ordering and buying the full game. It seems it could be likely thanks to a an email from third party seller earlier this week that suggested The Division Beta could possibly be starting January 29th.

As this was a third party email and not official it doesn’t carry a huge amount of weight but due to the release date it seemed likely to be around the end January beginning February, after confirmation on the UPlay mobile app one of the unlockable action clearly states The Division beta test will be this month but without a specific date. Take a look below (apologies for the  :

Nothing official has come from Ubisoft directly, its fair to expect the beta will take place late this month.

This week we also have had a new trailer released, the trailer gives us a more detailed look into wha’ts to expect from The Division come March, take a at the trailer here

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