Surprise! Tom Clancy’s The Division will have Micro-transactions

In this day and age as developers continue to look for more and more ways to milk their customers, it’s unsurprising that Micro-transactions are appearing in more and more AAA titles. Upcoming MMO-Third Person Shooter Tom Clancy’s The Division is one of those games.

IGN Netherlands have spotted a listing for the Division which includes details of “optional in-game purchases.” It’s not clear what these optional purchases are. With Ubisoft’s track record of Micro-transactions our best guess would be cosmetic items, such as clothing and outfits or weapon skins.

I’ve always been against Micro-transactions in any form of paid-for games but if it remains cosmetic I guess I’ll give it pass. I’d rather no Micro-transactions at all though. Tom Clancy’s The Division is currently set for release March 8, 2016 with a beta planned for sometime before the release of the game. (Maybe sometime this month?)

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6 thoughts on “Surprise! Tom Clancy’s The Division will have Micro-transactions”

  1. Roy Ruiz says:

    every game has micro transactions now

  2. Lol don’t most games? It is a business model that they cannot ignore im afraid, sad times 🙁

  3. Lukas95er says:

    not a bad Thing, if You ask me, if You Can earn The same ingame with time okay…better than 80-100€ Games ;D

    • Martyn Giles says:

      Unfortunatly this isnt often the case with Ubisoft games, the items are locked behind a pay wall and if you aren’t willing to pay there isn’t any option to aquire the items.
      Are you not in the UK mate? I only ask as you have used € and not £.

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