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Cars these days are very limited, mainly by their need for roads and the fact that for some reason they are forced to abide by the laws of physics. No such restrictions apply in Hyperdrive Massacre where you can travel freely across backgrounds turning, spinning and shooting at will.

Hyperdrive Massacre is a game that doesn’t mess around with things like a campaign or online multiplayer and only does what it does best, local multiplayer. Using the basics of a classic deathmatch style game, Hyperdrive Massacre applies a physics style that defies gravity in the way that Asteroid used to. The physics of the game is not the only comparison that could be made to Asteroid. The main objective, at its very core, is to shoot down the opposing cars. You also need to shoot the rocks and grammar phones that float around as these can release powerups to help you on your merry way (yes, I did indeed say grammar phones).

As I’ve just said, team deathmatch is at the very heart of Hyperdrive Massacre but it’s not all there is to it. The game includes six game modes; Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Death Race, Space Soccer, Last Man Standing and Spong (space pong).hyperdrivemassacre2

Deathmatch is a free-for-all mode that sees you go head to head against your opponents. You score points by destroying your opponents cars. Simple. Hidden within rocks that can be destroyed are power-ups that can include different weapons like a laser beam, a three bullet spread or charge attack. Team death match works in the same vein only with teams, obviously. Each team consists of two players, one of which can be made up of AI if you happen to be short of a friend or two.

Death Race isn’t so much about killing players, rather collecting tokens that appear on the screen. These tokens have a number in it that goes up the longer it goes without been collected, this number represents the score that you will get when you collect it. As well as collecting these tokens you have to stop your opponent from collecting them. The easiest way of doing this is to shoot them down.

Another game mode is Space Soccer, which is exactly what it says on the tin. Two teams compete to push a ball into the opposing goal. This requires a little skill and a lot of brute force. As is appearing usual with Hyperdrive Massacre the best way to stop your opponents from scoring is to kill them.


Last Man Standing sees you trying to die less than your opponent. You start with a predefined number of lives and the winner is the player who has the most lives left at the end of the round. The final game mode is Spong which is a take on the classic arcade game Pong. Spong is a tennis type of game where you play in two teams of two and have to knock a ball about between the teams.

With each game mode you can predetermine certain elements of the game. You can set the score you need to win each round and the number of rounds that will be played. Your score from each round is added up and the winner is the player with the best overall score after all of the rounds have been played. After you have determined the parameters for the game you get to select the vehicle that you will use. These is purely an aesthetic thing with each character starting with the same weapons, attributes and shield.

Hyperdrive Massacre is a game that is best enjoyed with friends. You can play it on your own against the AI but the game modes you can play are limited to the ones that do not require a team. When playing on your own the gameplay becomes quite repetitive quickly with all of the game modes been pretty much the same. The AI does pose a challenge even on the easiest difficulty and there is a little entertainment value to be found in improving when you first start but this charm quickly runs thin.


One of the biggest gripes that I had this game was that there is often quite a lot of things on the screen at once and it is quite easy to lose track of which car is yours, especially in team games. You get used to this eventually but it can be quite frustrating at first and can lead to some heavy defeats early on.

The soundtrack is one of the most appealing features of this game. It’s electronic style of music fits the feel of the game perfectly and adds a frantic element to the game, especially towards the closing stages if the game is a close one.

Costing £7.99 from the Xbox Store this is a little pricey if you are intending to play this by yourself. If however, you can grab a few friends then this could be a good value purchase for the few hours of fun that you can get from it, just don’t expect too much and you won’t be disappointed. Friendships shouldn’t be broken over this game but a lot of laughs could be had, especially when you are first getting the hang of how to control your little car as it flies across the screen.

Check out my first play below:

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