Mafia III Release date | Confirmed, or sleeping with the fishes?

Everyone knows the pain of waiting for the next installment of their favourite franchise. Scouring the Internet looking for the merest whiff of a hint that Son of Just Cry Judgement Six Part II might be getting a release any time soon. And those of us who see ourselves as virtual Corleones, Sicilian crime bosses of some repute, are desperate for news of Mafia III.

Recently US retail giant has offered customers the opportunity to preorder Mafia III, citing a release date of Tuesday, 26 April 2016. Gamestop in the US also publicised the same date, although this has now been revised to 31 December this year.

Mafia III release rumour

So, time to get excited right? Start looking for opportunities to sever the heads of horses and place them in the beds of your nearest and dearest, yes?

Well, no. Developer Take Two had this to say:

“Mafia III will release in calendar 2016 during Take-Two Interactive’s fiscal year 2017. No official release date has been announced at this time. It is common practice for retailers to list placeholder dates before an official release date has been announced due to the requirements of their operating systems.”

Mafia III is coming. In 2016. Unless, you know, it slips.

With thanks to IGN.

Our take: It’s really hard not to get excited when a launch date is rumoured – as with the rumour that Doom releases on 30 June (it probably won’t). It’s important to remember that a rumour is just a rumour, like when everyone said Cathy Swanson did that special kind of kissing with tongues in primary school. No, that never worked out for me, either.

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