Rainbow Six: Siege gets Two New Operators Next Month

Rainbow Six: Siege has been around for a month now, With Ubisoft’s pledge to provide DLC for free we now have news of new operators joining the battle. February 2nd, according to VideoGamer.com. No names, equipment or abilities for these operators are known, all that is really known is that these operators belong to the Canadian Special Forces.

The operators will be available a week early for Siege’s Season Pass owners, with the rest of the players having a chance to unlock them either with real money or in-game renown which Ubisoft have estimated will take 25 hours to unlock. Otherwise, it’ll cost you £3.99 to unlock them.

There’s no news of new maps for the game which should also be free, but none-the-less. Rainbow Six: Siege gets two new operators in February which could shake things up quite a lot.

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