Subnautica Could Be Coming To Xbox One

Developer Unknown Worlds have confirmed that they are working on bringing their underwater exploration game Subnautica to the Xbox One. In a tweet just before Christmas developer Charlie Cleveland confirmed the happy news for us.

This tweet caused a lot of speculation with Cleveland coming out and confirming that the studio was working on bring Subnautica to the Xbox one. He was also quick to point out that there was a chance that it wouldn’t end up happening, “We always reserve the right to cancel it if it doesn’t work.”

Something that makes it likely that the project could see the light of day is that it has been accepted onto the Xbox Preview Program. “But yes, we’re working on it! We’ve been accepted into the Microsoft Preview Program,” said Cleveland.subnautica1

Subnautica is a constantly evolving game that has exploration of an underwater alien landscape at its heart. Unknown Worlds have said before that there is no final vision for the game and that it is been constantly developed with fan feedback at its core.

There is obviously no release date for Subnautica but if the project continues then we could expect to see it in the Xbox Preview Program sometime around March. Be sure that we will let you know when we find out any more details regarding Subnautica.subnautica3

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