Bungie Update l 7th of January You’ll get a reward

Bungie recently released their year end update after what I’m sure many of us, mainly the Destiny addicts, would consider a successful 2015.

Amongst other things this year saw the release of The Taken King which is seen as what Destiny should have been from the start by fans and critics of the franchise alike. As well as The Taken King, year two saw some other introductions from Bungie, some that were enjoyed (SRL), some that were fun but didn’t really captivate anyone (Festival of Light) and some that downright annoyed certain people (looking at you microtransactions).

Yet despite all of this year two has been a successful one for Bungie and Destiny, they’re still pulling in huge numbers of players every week, whether it be to conquer Oryx and his subordinates in the Kingsfall, swearing a lot trying to acquire the elusive Black Spindle, stepping into the Crucible to duke it out with fellow guardians, trying to complete one of the many, MANY quest lines or simply patrolling and enjoying the feeling of swinging a massive sword at hordes of enemies when they move against each other. Destiny still has a lot to offer and going by some of their recent press releases there’s more to come.

So now that I’ve rambled let me try to summarise the year end press release for you.

  • Bungie sifted through the hundreds of videos submitted for their Sparrow Racing League Film Festival and have selected the winners. There are a few categories including Grand Prize Winner, Rubbin’s Racin’, Barrel Roll Call and Sweet Rides! As well as the overall winners there are some honourable mentions many of which are definitely worth a look if you have a spare minute or twenty.
  • New Years Loot – On the 7th of January the ever generous people at Bungie have decided that we guardians deserve a loyalty reward and as such you should definitely check your postmaster that day as you should have 15 Motes of Light and 15 Strange Coins waiting for you.
  • Keeping in line with the loyalty reward theme, play Destiny any time from the 7th January to the 10th January and you should find yourself rewarded with a special emblem for being part of the community.

The year end update can be read in it’s entirety here, if you’re inclined to do so give it a read and watch some of the SRL videos and let us know your thoughts and as always keep up with us by joining the Facebook group, liking the Facebook page, following us on Twitter and popping over to our forum too!

Bryan O'Shea

I was going to update this to say that I had recovered from my Destiny addiction. Unfortunately Rise of Iron has since happened so yeah.....

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