Beatsplosion Review

Beatsplosion uses Kinect for Xbox One to transport players into the crazy world of subatomic particles in search of a Unified Field Theory – by smashing everything into smithereens. Players will punch particles, dodge walls and jump over obstacles, all to the beat of music.

Beastspolosion is developed by Virtual Air Guitar, who also brought Boom Ball for Kinect & Squid Hero for Kinect, and brought to you via ID@Xbox self publishing program.

Virtual Air Guitar are making use of the Xbox One Kinect Sensor 2.0 as it has some much more potential for games but isn’t getting used as much as I think it should. Beatsplosion certainally offers the full use of the Kinect. The game offers full use of the hand gestures to control around the menus and the player character or should I say yourself when playing the stages.


Before you dive into punching and jumping and dodging, I would recommend making sure your Kinect is configured properly for the room and conditions you are playing in. As this game needs a biggish room to play as you have to be fully in the kinects view and you swing you arms about abit..ok alot. Upon starting Beatspolsion you will be presented with the main menu which is the hub for all your levels and settings. Before you get started on the main stages, you will need to complete the basic tutorial to unlock the first stage. The tutorial covers the basic movements you use to play Beatsplosion.

Beatsplosion is a rhythm and exercise game, as you punch crystals and dodge particles and walls to the beat of the music which can vary in tempo from 130bpm to 180bpm so the faster the music the fast you have to punch, jump and dodge items, The exercise is covered by the movements you do and by the three minute timed stages you complete. In total there are 5 skill levels to complete before you endure the epic black belt challenges where you experience 200bpm gameplay. Trust me it’s fast and you have to be light on your feet…bit like a ninja. The stages are measured by strength you smash the crystals and if you keep in time to the beat. The better you do the better the score at the end of each stage you will unlock the next stage of the levels. Timing and precision is key on the punches, jumps and dodging otherwise you could find yourself crashing into a wall or miss punching a crystal.


Virtual Air Guitar have aimed Beatsplosion for you to become a better and more active player…erm no hang I mean Ninja while you enjoy the gameplay. As quoted by Virtual Air Guitar ”Daily use may result in getting seriously fit” I see that as a good excuse to play a video game, well that’s what I tell my wife. Beatsplosion has been designed to be used daily exercise as you have the three minute stages, twenty minute challenges and weekly play time tracker. but most of all if you’re the competitive player..erm ninja you can use the leaderboards to see who is the top ninja.

The graphics are not the top end graphics we see in AAA titles, as Beastplosion is more about the gameplay and music. As these are to the two main elements focused on, as you need the music to make the gameplay work. Virtual Air Guitar have easily achieved this with the great gameplay and movement sequences.


During my time reviewing Beatsplosion my five year old daughter has really enjoyed it as well as myself, from the moment I showed her what to do, she was addicted to it. My Daughter managed to complete many stages with ease as there is no over complicated controls. It’s just simply you and your body. I think Beatsplosion could be a hit for the younger generation of gamers. For the price of it you can’t go wrong its price at £9.99 which for a Kinect game is reasonable I suppose. Virtual Air Guitar have included in the options menu the choice to reset the game progress with in the game itself giving you chance to increase the longevity to improve your score and ability to complete levels with less mistakes each time so you can become that inner ninja.

Beatsplosion is due for the release on the 30th December 2015

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  • 7/10
    Gameplay - 7/10
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    Sounds - 7/10
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    Longevity - 7/10
  • 7/10
    Vavlue - 7/10


Beatsplosion is great physical and active game as it really makes use of the Xbox one Kinect sensor.

Gameplay is enjoyable and good fun and you can find yourself playing a stage over and over again trying to get all the objects hit in the stage.

Great Value for money and ideal for the younger generation of gamers

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