Cel Damage HD Might Be Coming to Xbox One

In 2001 Cel Damage was released onto the original Xbox and those of us that remember it loved it. Recently Cel Damage HD was released on other modern consoles to the delight of those of us with a sense of nostalgia. There was however one sad omission, the list of new consoles somehow missed of the Xbox One.

Well now it looks as if that issue is soon to be rectified. Developer Finish Line Games have been quiet about whether they will be a Xbox One release but recently we have been handed a little bit of good news.


The Pan European Game Information ratings board (PEGI) have recently been reviewing Cel Damage HD for the Xbox One and have now given it a rating. We must point out that this isn’t a guarantee that a game is coming but PEGI don’t normally give a rating where there isn’t a product. They are busy people so only usually give ratings to products that are ready, or at least almost ready to launch.

There is no news from the developer as of yet but as soon as we hear anything we will be sure to let you know. Lets hope that we don’t have to wait to long to take that little nostalgia trip we’ve been waiting for.

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