How to Buy 360 games if you only have the Xbox One

Firstly with permission thanks to by IAmAsplode we have a small guide for people who want to buy and play those special Xbox 360 games but no longer own the Xbox 360

Please remember not all 360 games are BC so make sure to check here to see which are currently supported.

Payment methods

First things first if you want to get any 360 game on your Xbox One you will need to have some form of payment method on your account even if the game is free you will need one of the following attached to your account. You can have a credit / debit card or even paypal but it can’t be any XBL credit you have in your wallet.

But I don’t want to have a card attached to my account!

Sorry but with the way the Xbox One system is currently you will need to have one of the above attached to your account or you will not be able to purchase any digital 360 title’s from the Xbox store.

Now there is a alternative to having your credit / debit card details on your account and that is to use a pre-paid debit / credit card. These come in two types which are disposable (throw it away when the balance is gone) or reloadable (top it up like a mobile phone card), Once you have the card simply log into go the the billing section and add the card details and you are good to go.

A lot of people prefer this as if the worst was to happen to your account they can only spend the remaining balance on your card at that time.

Buying Games / DLC

Once you have all that set up you can go and get the games you want, simply log into with the e-mail associated with your gamer-tag & find the games you want and click purchase, If it asks which payment method to use simply select the card option and the next time you boot up your Xbox One console it will either be installing or in the ready to install section in my games & apps.

What if I have a code to download a game ?

If you have a code for a 360 game which is BC then you do not need any card attached to your account, simply enter the code on your console or at and it will appear in the ready to install section.

We hope this guide helps you Xbox 360 fans out there. If we have missed anything please let us know with a comment below.

Source : Reddit

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